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    MONTANA CAPS | Ultra Liner Cap


    The Montana ULTRA LINER cap offers an alternative face for your Montana ULTRA WIDE can mark making. Able to reach those hard to reach places, when loaded on a Montana ULTRA WIDE can, there is a potential spray height of 3m-4m high, from a standing start. The ULTRA LINER cap has a round, rough, fire extinguisher like spray output that varies in width from 5cm to 10cm, depending on the distance from the surface it is applied to. A unique urban art making tool, the ULTRA LINER cap is for male valve cans and does not fit on the other main Montana Cans ranges like Montana GOLD, Montana BLACK and Montana WHITE. Try it in conjunction with the ULTRA WIDE can range which is available in six colors including the newly improved black color formula with greater coverage, as well as the new colors Nappies and Royal Purple.

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