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    MONTANA BLACK | Silverchrome | 400 ml


    Graffiti is only available for physical pick-up in either Waalhalla City or our Skatepark, both are located in Nijmegen

    Gloss Level: Gloss
    Valve System: High-Pressure
    Color Shades: Silverchrome
    Lacquer Base: Acrylic
    Content: 400ml


    This spray can was developed for maximum coverage in minimum time. The Montana Silverchrome 400ml is equipped with the Montana Fat Cap black/orange. The Montana Silverchrome 400ml is absolutely winterproof for optimal performance in cold climate. This lusciously deep Silverchrome is compatible with other colors leaving a full deep, coat. Also boasting consistant pressure from start to finish for consistant application. To further the potential of this Silverchrome, Montana GOLD and BLACK covers it immediatly and allow rapid application of outlines or details over it.

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