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Sometimes the universe treats you in a way that lets you fly. Sometimes the universe treats you in a way that lets you learn. Both can be soft. Both can be hard. We’re putting effort into understanding and implementing the lessons we learned. Besides that, we have to deal with our daily hustle – resist things that let us suffer, accept things that let us grow. To find balance, we find ways to give our hedonistic and playful minds some treatments here and there. Let’s get together on this everything-demolishing dance floor to get lost together for a moment!

Wait… We could… Why don’t we just invite a glimpse of the crème de la crème of forestial and dark psychedelic artists to our charming Nyma to see what happens? – Oh, pardon me, actually, that’s exactly what we did. To already give y’all a very little impression of who’s been meant, here you go. We’re more than thrilled to tell you this…


Vantara Vichitra Records labelhead ALIEN TRANCESISTOR is bringing the VV-Power right into Waalhalla, delivering an exquisite selection of the discography of this incomparable label. Unexceptionally appreciated by the international psychedelic scene, this human being does exactly know how to twist your mind. Really. Our last experiences with his sets were so mind-blowing that we had to rest afterward. And this is not going to happen that fast.

Afterward, things are getting very dark. TZU-JAN is heading up from Austria to present their handmade dark psychedelic experiments right into your needing ears. These two masters of puppets are creating soundscapes that will make you naked. The range and diversity in intensity are ridiculously broad, so no worries about distractions during the start or landing of this flight. This will be a closing you’ll never forget – promised.

Up from Nyma’s own ranks… Vanzelfsprekend, we couldn’t throw a decent party without inviting her to harass our decks… JORINE will play a special transition set to bridge the transition between forest and dark psychedelic to slowly dangle you deeper and deeper into the dark. But don’t be scared; she’d never do inconsensual things with your ears. Every set of this special human being is her very own manifestation of the current moment – let us listen to her intimately told stories.

Furthermore, also based at the shore of the Waal, KLAUS’ DISSOZIATIVA will open the stage with a selection of organic and funky forestial tunes. As he’s orchestrating the TRYPTAEDA², he couldn’t keep his feet still, so you’ll also find him behind the decks. With a lot of passion and a dramatic tendency to exaggerate, this gentle giant will bewitch your mind with carefully chosen organical acoustic medicine. Be there early, otherwise you’ll miss the lift-off which could lead to turbulence within the stomach region!

Last but not least: As not just the music is an essential part of this story, it seemed to be mandatory to create an adequate space to enjoy the journey. To make this happen, NEBOKAD’S DREAM will embark on a long journey from somewhere in the mountains of Bavaria right to Waalhalla. For years already, we’ve wanted to see his decoration exhibited in Nyma – finally, the time is coming to make this possible. Expect a breathtaking psychedelicious realm designed straight on the edge between organic harmony and desperate darkness.



ꙟ TZU-JAN ꜡꜠ LIVE RITUAL ꙟ Sacred Sound ꙛ Hyprid Records ꙟ 🇦🇹 ꙟ
ꙛ https://bit.ly/tzujan
ꙛ https://bit.ly/sacredsoundfb
ꙛ https://bit.ly/hypridrecords

ꙟ ALIEN TRANCESISTOR ꙟ Vantara Vichitra Records ꙟ 🇮🇳 ꙟ
ꙛ https://bit.ly/alientrancesistor
ꙛ https://bit.ly/vantaravichitra

ꙟ JORINE ꙟ Occulta Records ꙛ Gaggalacka ꙟ 🇳🇱 ꙟ
ꙛ https://bit.ly/jorine
ꙛ https://bit.ly/occultarecords
ꙛ https://bit.ly/gaggalackafestival

ꙟ KLAUS’ DISSOZIATIVA ꙟ KukiLuki ꙛ Maleficarum ꙟ 🇩🇪 ꙟ
ꙛ https://bit.ly/klausdissoziativa
ꙛ https://bit.ly/kukilukikollektiv
ꙛ https://bit.ly/maleficarumcollective



ꙛ https://bit.ly/nebokadsdream

ꙛ https://bit.ly/kukilukikollektiv


ꙛ https://bit.ly/sachiralightcrafts


ꙛ https://bit.ly/aminebakkali


ꙟ no racism, no sexism, no facism – take care of each other and share your love ꙟ

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// TRYPTAEDA // zal plaatsvinden op Vrijdag 15 maart.

Het evenement zal starten om 23:00 en eindigen om 06:00.

De ticketprijs is: €19,85

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