Due to Covid19 you have to make a reservation, you can do that HERE One timeslot costs € 5,- if you want to skate longer than the timeslot just book two timeslots, that will cost € 10,-

On this site you will find some information about our Waalhalla skatepark in English. If you have any questions please feel free to contact us, we speak English, German and if you are lucky someone can talk French:


Phone: 0031-247504307


In Waalhalla skatepark you are always allowed to roll on skateboards, BMX (PLEGS NoPEGS), Scooters, In line skates!

Waalhalla offers a variety of workshops. If you want to be creative and want to learn how to DJ, spray graffiti, hip hop dancing or if you want to be active and learn cool tricks on a scooter, skateboard, inline skates or BMX, Waalhalla is the place to be! All the workshops are under supervision of professionals and will be customized to the level of the participants. The workshops can be for kids parties, corporations or just for you and your friends! Just contact Waalhalla and we can discuss the details.

Entrance € 5,-

Please check below for the current scheduled opening times

Please check our AGENDA if you are interested in attending to a party

All activities & use of the skatepark are at your own risk, skate within your abilities.